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Our mission

Work smarter

Through our inspired technologies and automated approach to business management, we inspire you to do less but get more done. Across all industries, our vast network of partners is achieving the impossible, cutting costs, generating sales, forging trends, empowering employees and expanding their businesses. Minus the stress.

Success by the numbers

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Results, every way you measure them

Improve productivity

By introducing the latest workflow tools and technologies, Triggo fuels your business growth. As automation replaces outdated manual processes, employees reclaim precious workday hours, reducing your operational costs.

Eliminate error

Benefit from better security, stronger consistency, faster processing and reliable monitoring. By eliminating the human variable, Triggo reduces risk while boosting the efficiency and reliability of all your interfaces.

Identify shortcomings

Companies gain insight into site traffic, sales conversion, competitor pricing and other important metrics. And Triggo trains your platform to correct problems well before you even know they exist.

Expedite performance

Sometimes the most complicated skill is to be simple. Our developers know how to trim the fat, eliminating bugs and trading overcomplicated solutions for clean functionality.

Set off the chain of command

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