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Charles Kettering was right:

“A problem
well stated
is a problem
half solved.”

Before attacking your project, we work hard to distinguish your strengths, identify key weaknesses, and envision a clear path to the future. What works? What doesn’t? How can we leverage technology to guarantee your success?

Whether updating old systems or building a platform from scratch, Triggo answers all these questions and more, delivering custom development that actually solves problems.

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Fresh start

Are you feeling like your growth is outpacing your current process? At Triggo, we specialize in crafting custom tools from the ground up and finding the right technology to enhance your business. Leveraging our extensive expertise in digital automation, we identify the most suitable solution to boost your efficiency and drive sustained growth for small businesses and aspiring startups.


New and improved

Wish your interface actually reflected your workflow? Triggo supercharges your existing software, improving functionality, expanding and refining features, and customizing things to suit your particular business model. See happier customers and more productive employees.


Up and running

Looking for a lifelong partnership? Once your system goes live, choose our ongoing support to ensure peak performance. We monitor user interactions, locate inefficiencies as they emerge, make changes as necessary, and offer regular collaboration and guidance.

Step 1


Getting to know you is key. We start by observing, defining current problems, developing an effective use case and outlining real solutions.

  • Business analysis
  • Goals brainstorm
  • Industry research
  • Digital strategy
  • Custom solutions
Step 2


We scope out your future workflow and features. Our dev team gets to work, collaborating with your people to build the perfect platform.

  • Project mockup
  • Features list
  • UX design
  • Workflow systems
  • Client input
Step 3


Finally, you’re free to grow. From initial implementation and user testing through the entire go-live process, Triggo is with you every step of the way.

  • User testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Prioritizing resources
  • Client collaboration
  • Continued support